Stripjournalistiek is een nieuw fenomeen, met Joe Sacco als de grote pionier. Nu er steeds meer tekenende verslaggevers komen, is het tijd voor een eigen kenniscentrum.

Getekende betogen

Op 7 januari 201 werdeSakozyn de tekenaars Charb, Cabu, Wolinski en Tignous vermoord door aanhangers van Al Qaida. De hele westerse wereld was vervolgens even 'Charlie Hebdo'.
Twee Amerikaanse stripmakers - Joe Sacco en J.J. Mcullough - becommentarieerden de gebeurtenissen en de internationale reacties daarop elk met een getekend betoog.

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This might hurt

Tijdschrift voor de iPad
Symbolia is een Amerikaans tijdschrift dat geheel gewijd is aan stripjournalistiek en alleen als app op de iPad of als PDF op de pc te lezen is. "Symbolia is where comic books and journalism meet. Every other month, we publish a themed issue containing 3 - 5 lively stories from around the world. Each issue includes sound, links, animations, interactive charts and more." Het zesde nummer is gewijd aan gezondheidszorg, onder de titel 'This might hurt'. Inhoudsopgave: - Maine’s Medicaid Mayday by Roxanne Palmer - Food safety in China by Owen Tucker and Lily Weed - The art and science of integrated medicine by Emi Gennis and Kat Leyh.

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 Meet the Somalis

The illustrated stories of Somalis in seven cities in Europe

Meet the Somalis is a collection of 14 illustrated stories depicting the real life experiences of Somalis in seven cities in Europe: Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Leicester, London, Malmo, and Oslo. The stories allow readers a unique insight into what everyday life is like as a Somali in Europe. Meet the Somalis is based on the firstha[AFBEELDING]nd Meet the Somalis testimonies of Somalis in Europe interviewed during six months in 2013.

The Somali community in Europe is a vibrant, diverse minority group, including people of Somali origin born in Europe, Somali refugees and asylum seekers, and Somalis who have migrated from one country in Europe to another. There are no accurate figures for the number of Somalis in Europe, but on the whole they are among one of the largest minority groups.

The illustrated stories focus on challenges faced by Somalis in their respective cities in Europe and issues raised in the Somalis in European Cities research, including education, housing, the media, employment, political participation, and identity.

Meet the Somalis depicts experiences many of us will never know, like fleeing a warzone with your children or, worse, leaving your loved ones behind. But more often, these stories portray the values shared amongst many of us, like the importance of family, well-being, and identity in an ever-changing world.

The stories in Meet The Somalis were told to author Benjamin Dix and drawn by artist Lindsay Pollock.